Parent Partnerships

At Hawthorn West Primary School we recognise that parents and guardians have the first and most significant influence on their child’s learning. Parents continued involvement in their child’s formal education is important so that they can achieve the best possible learning results. We endeavour to provide interesting and informative information sessions to our community.

If you are interested in participating in the classroom, assisting with sporting events, on camps or excursions, you need to complete this course on Compass. Even if you have previously completed a HWPS Parent Helper Course, you need to complete the course for 2015 on Compass.

Topics covered include:

Why is it important to be involved in your child’s schooling?

The research is unequivocal…Kids do better at school when parents are involved in their child’s schooling.

  • Benefits for children & young people
  • Benefits for families
  • Benefits for the school
  • Parent Helper Role
  • Key components
  • Issues to consider
  • Confidentiality

When you have completed all the requirements of the course on COMPASS, the teachers will be notified. Teachers will contact you directly if they require assistance.

For further information about WWC, please visit:

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