The school uniform is available from PSW, 12 Strathalbyn Street, East Kew, Victoria, 3102.

Second Hand uniform items are now stored in the cupboard at the end of the Western corridor opposite the Lost Property cupboard. You are welcome to purchase items of second hand clothing for a gold coin donation per item. Please help keep this cupboard neat & tidy.

Lunch wallets, sandwich bags and school bags are available from the office, along with some remaining stock of new uniform items in various sizes.


Green Leggings

If you are interested in purchasing green leggings for girls to wear to school as part of their school uniform, please either call Madeleine on 0417 592 823 or visit: www.madlegs.com

**Please note: the sports top & sports shorts are only for students from Grade 3 onwards**

These are some examples of the current school uniform items:

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