Much like starting school in Foundation or commencing secondary school, moving from one year level to another can be challenging for many students and raises many questions like ‘I wonder what it’s going to be like in Grade…’ ?

To assist students in this transition, we have developed a whole school program for our Foundation to Grade 6 students. Our intra-school transition program aims to promote a positive start to school in 2020 by providing opportunities to build connections between students and their teachers and encourage positive approaches to the new learning environments.

The intra-school transition program will consist of 4 sessions. The student groupings for the transition sessions will change from week to week in sessions 1, 2 and 3. Students will have the opportunity to meet their 2020 class and teacher in session 4.

  • Session 1 :      Week 6    Thursday 14th November    9:05am – 9:50am
  • Session 2 :      Week 7    Thursday 21st November     9:05am – 9:50am
  • Session 3 :      Week 8    Tuesday 26th November     9:05am – 9:50am
  • Session 4 :      Week 10  Tuesday 10th December
    • ‘Meet the teacher’ and your 2020 classmates!
    • Grade 6 to Year 7 Orientation Day for all Grade 6 students who will be attending a Victorian Government Secondary School in 2020.