It is my privilege to serve Hawthorn West Primary School in the role of School Principal. Our school provides a comprehensive and engaging learning program which ensures that all students have the opportunity to develop the foundational knowledge, skills and dispositions that will enable them to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life.

A vibrant community, Hawthorn West Primary School welcomes the active participation of all members of the school community and is committed to working effectively together, to ensure an inclusive environment within which, every learner feels safe, valued and understood.

There is a strong focus on academic excellence, as well as opportunities for students to explore new passions and become curious and confident learners. Learning at Hawthorn West reflects the realities of life and ensures that students develop the critical attitudes and values which will inspire them to contribute positively, to their school and local community, as responsible and engaged citizens.

Hawthorn West Primary School has a highly committed and talented teaching team who are ably supported by similarly dedicated education support staff. All members of the staff team appreciate the opportunity to work constructively with the families of our community to continually improve and enhance the education program we provide for our students.

By working in unison, we can ensure that every student develops a love of learning and leaves our community, a socially competent young person, who is excited about the next stage of their education and all that the future holds.

Nerida Smith