Alumni Association for HWPS

We are seeking interest from parents to join a sub-committee to look into an Alumni Association for HWPS. Anecdotal evidence suggests that there is a wide and willing alumni of former students, parents and teachers from the school, but over the years the success of keeping track of these has been lost.

The purpose of the Sub Committee will be to:

  • Undertake feasibility study to assess the viability of establishing and maintaining an Alumni Association at HWPS.
  • Identify what functions it would have and how it would operate.
  • Identify the financial, marketing and communication imperatives.
  • Prepare an implementation strategy including data base management and maintenance, and
  • Report back to School Council.

The Sub Committee is being convened by Jodie Emmett, under the direction of HWPS School Council and will run for approximately 4 months. It will meet on 3-4 occasions and as well as attending meetings, members may also be required to undertake some specific research tasks. Interested parents can email Jodie Emmett on