What’s Happening This Week:

Fair Newsletter

Every Friday either 8.40 – 9.15am or 3 – 3.30pm in the old Japanese Room.

If you can’t make this day/times then please drop it in to the office, clearly labelled with the class you want the points to go to.


This week we need:

Felt, fabric, wool, string, ribbon, Christmas decorations, scrape material, zips, pipe cleaners, pegs, buttons, origami paper,
coloured card.

Do you have a contact for craft supplies – could you get a donation/prize?
Lemons, tomatoes, olives, limes, kumquats, berries etc.

Why not ask that neighbour down the street if you can have some lemons etc from their tree?
Plants, seeds, bulbs, Potting mix, Pot Plants, Pots.

Access to any wholesale nursery’s that could give us cheap of free plants?


To some they may look like ordinary Dad’s but to us they are heroes.
Able to lift heavy things and move stuff around, setup stuff and pull it down. Potentially owning a ute/truck/trailer/large car – able to carry several trestle tables at one time. If you are one of these HEROES or you know one please contact:
hwpsfair@gmail.com / 0421 032 777