Hawthorn West Primary School has been fortunate enough to host a large group of Deakin University students who are currently studying a Bachelor of Health & Physical Education for the past three weeks each Thursday. During this time the Pre-service Teachers have been working closely with a sample of lower primary classes to assist them in learning Fundamental Movement Skills, previously referred to as Fundamental Motor Skills.
Each session, a group of first year Deakin Pre-service Teachers educated a group of ten Hawthorn West students at one time. There are also supporting Fourth year Deakin Undergraduates acting as mentors who provide direct feedback after each session so that the practising teachers can improve their quality of teaching each session. Our students have enjoyed the benefits of smaller sized learning environments and we have observed positive outcomes in terms of enjoyment levels and skill acquisition.
Hawthorn West Primary is one of only three primary schools receiving this individualised learning program and we look forward to continuing this partnership in the future.