Student Leadership


HWPS Captains

At Hawthorn West we have a number of official leadership positions for our Grade Six students.

School Captains: The whole school assembly is conducted by the School Captains each Monday afternoon. School Captains are present at most School Events in order to represent the student body.

Vice School Captains: The Vice School Captiains assist the School Captains to perform their role.

House Captains: The House Captains represent the values of HWPS. The House Captains promote the sporting events at HWPS with the students and community members.

ICT Captains: The Technology Captain promotes, organises and reports on technology based activities across HWPS.

Green Team Captains: The Green Team Captains organises, conducts and reports on Green Team (Sustainable) activities.

Art Captains: The Art Captains assists the Specialist staff, specifically Visual Art.

Junior School Council (JSC): The JSC look at how we can improve our school and what we can do to help others in our local, national and global community.

Junior School Council (JSC)

The Junior School Council (JSC) is an avenue for the students at Hawthorn West to have a voice in our community. Our Junior School Council (JSC) is made up of students from Grade Three to Six. They are lead by the School Captains and meet together once a week to discuss possible changes in the school as well as charity events our school can support.

Green Team

Our Green Team (GT) presents a wonderful leadership opportunity for students from Years 3-6. Students display dedication and passion for the environment and are a wonderful role model of good environmental behaviour.

The Green Team Captains assist the Sustainability Teachers to:

  • Organise meetings and rosters as required
  • Promote events at Assemblies
  • Assist in preparations for School Events such as: Walk to School, Rubbish Free Lunches
  • Promote Sustainability at HWPS in the Newsletter/ Blogs
  • Demonstrate, role model ‘green’ behaviour always, both inside and outside the classroom

The GT is responsible for supporting sustainable projects at our school and in the wider community, creating initiatives with an environmental focus and modelling ‘Green’ behaviour to fellow students.

Some of the varied opportunities for GT members have included:

  • Excursions/Incursions
  • Revegetation of a local billabong
  • AFL Green Power Launch with Hawthorn Football Club
  • Competitions in local government/state
  • Managing Waste Station Tours for every class and staff member
  • Speaking regularly at assembly
  • Writing regular newsletter reports

We aim to enable our GT members to make positive environmental changes within our school.


Sport Carnivals

During the year, Grades 3-6 students participate in a Swimming Carnival, Athletics Carnival, Cross Country event and the Lapathon.

House Meetings

House meetings are an opportunity to prepare and organise students for sporting events with supervising House teachers.

School Sporting Activities

During the year, various sporting activities are run by the PE teacher. Some examples include Inter-School Sports, Hooptime and Camp.



Bradman (yellow) is named after Sir Don Bradman, the best batsman in the world.


Freeman (blue) is named after Cathy Freeman the champion 400m runner.


Fraser (green) is named after Dawn Fraser who was a champion swimmer.


Rafter (red) is named after Pat Rafter, the famous tennis player.