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Encourage your child to take responsibility for their belongings and to pack their own school bag. All items should be clearly named.

8:50am – Music starts playing

8:53am – Bell rings: students enter the school and are to be seated in their classroom ready to learn by 9:00am

It is important that all students are at school on time and settled in their classrooms ready to learn by 9:00am.

10:40am – Recess

11:10am – Line up for class

12:50pm – Lunch under supervision

1:05pm1:50pm – Lunch break outside for Foundation – Grade 2 students ( 3-6 students stay in their classrooms )

1:50pm – 2.40pm – Lunch break outside for Grade 3 – 6 students ( F-2 students will return to their classrooms )

3:30pm – All students dismissed

Please discourage sharing of food due to nut and other food allergies present in some classes. Please check with the class teacher before giving food to children. e.g Birthday cupcakes.


Hi there! We are the Foundation Team at Hawthorn West Primary School!

The Foundation Area at Hawthorn West Primary School is a vibrant, exciting and buzzing place. The 80 students and 4 teachers in this space love working together every day to learn, be challenged, connect and have fun. We live and work by our school values of Connectedness, Curiosity & Confidence to ensure we Achieve Excellence in everything that we do.

Our teachers ensure that our learning caters to our varied needs, providing us with a range of experiences that are hands on, differentiated and student centered. We love learning through play and inquiry.

Each day we engage in structured Reading and Writing Workshops where we learn about the nuts and bolts of reading and writing. We also take part in daily numeracy sessions where we learn about number, counting, shape, measurement, problem solving and most importantly how maths relates to our world.

It is important to us that we feel safe, happy and calm when we are at school. To make this happen we have a special ‘Recipe for a Happy Classroom’ that we work towards which guides the way we look after one another and work in our classrooms. We like saying kind and positive things to one another and always tackle our learning with the motto ‘We Can Do It!’

As the up and coming students of Hawthorn West, it is imperative that we are 21st century learners! We like to use technology to support our learning in the Foundation area. Each classroom has desktop computers and iPads to use. We use these tools to practice skills such as counting and letter knowledge, as well as to present our learning and ideas.

Each week we take part in 5 Specialist classes: Music, Physical Education, Japanese, Visual Art & Science. We have specialist teachers who take us for these classes each week. We see these teachers for 50 minutes per week. We also spend 1 session per week in the Library and 1 session per fortnight with our Grade 5 Buddies who we love!

Every Friday we work on our Speaking and Listening skills by taking part in our version of ‘Show and Tell’. For this we work in small groups, taking on special roles within our group to present and share our information or item. On Fridays we also participate in rotational PMP activities where we are challenged to improve our gross and fine motor skills, along with our social and personal learning.

This year we will be sharing our learning journey via our Foundation Blog. You can check this out at

View our 2016 Specialist Blog here

2017 Foundation Transition Dates

Grade 1/2

Welcome to the Grade 1/2 page where we celebrate our learning at Hawthorn West Primary School.

Our 120 students are shared between 5 teachers and we enjoy learning new and energetic things in the old historical part of our school building. We love to be challenged through open ended tasks with new concepts being taught regularly. You can see our learning on our Grade 1/2 Blog with weekly posts to read.

Literacy is an important start to our day and we provide explicit Learning Intentions based on the skill being taught. We conduct differentiated teaching groups with independent structured activities whilst giving students’ choice about their reading or writing content through the Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop programs.

Our Numeracy lessons can be great fun as we learn new concepts and how these relate to the real world. We reinforce these concepts through games using playing cards, dominoes and dice as well as website and iPads apps you can also play at home. Check our Blog for more information.

Our Inquiry units change each term and cover the areas of Learning to Learn, Health, Science and History. We base each unit around questions the students want to know more about and provide opportunities for them to speak in front of an audience, design and create a project, work in teams and share their learning in different ways.

Technology is an important skill we explicitly teach our students. We are very lucky to have 6 computers and 3 iPads in each room. We also use the bank of laptops in the LRC each week.

Each week we have 4 Specialist classes where our students love learning Music, Physical Education, Japanese and Visual Art. Please visit the Specialist Blog where you can learn more about these fantastic programs.

We look forward to our families visiting our classrooms soon.

View our 2016 Blog here

Grade 3/4

Hi There!

We are the Grade 3/4 Team at Hawthorn West Primary School.

Come in a see us in the grade 3/4 area, we love our collaborative learning space. Out students are fun and vibrant, and can work calmly and respectfully so all the 125 students can learn.

We value literacy and numeracy and love learning life skills through our Inquiry units. We love challenging our students through open ended tasks with new concepts being taught regularly. You can see our learning on our Grade 3/4 Blog with weekly posts to read. We also learn all about technology through the use of iPads, iPods, cameras and laptops to name a few. We make sure we are safe on technology by following our Cyber Safety guidelines.

Each week we have 4 Specialist classes where our students love learning Music, Physical Education, Japanese and Visual Art. Please visit the Specialist Blog where you can learn more about these fantastic programs.

Please come on in and visit us soon!

View our Grade 3/4 Blog here

View our 2016 Specialist Blog here

Grade 5/6

Grade 5/6 is full of vibrant, enthusiastic students who are seen as role models at Hawthorn West Primary School. We have created a positive community of learners that includes 4 teachers and approximately 95 students who work and learn collaboratively. The backbone to our community are our school values:

Curious, Confident, Connected learners, who Achieve Excellence.

We have made Engagement and Wellbeing a priority in Grade 5/6 and focus on differentiating activities to cater for all students’ abilities and needs. Students are encouraged to show their independence and are given a voice and choice in their learning. Teachers work with the students to create learning goals and set high expectations.

On a typical day in the 5/6 Community you will see us engaged in a structured Reader’s Workshop program, where students select ‘Just Right Books’ for their Independent Reading and have vigorous discussions and debates in small Book Clubs that focus on their Speaking and Listening skills. A Writer’s Workshop lesson allows the students to follow the writing process / cycle as we explicitly teach techniques that focus on the 6+1 Traits of Writing. The Numeracy session involves solving open ended problems and hands on learning. And finally an Inquiry lesson; where students develop their skills in researching, synthesizing, presenting and forming their own opinions around various topics aligned to the curriculum.

Our Grade 5 students are involved in a Buddies program with the Foundations students each fortnight and the alternate weeks where they have personal leadership coaching sessions. The Grade 6 students participate in a Public Leader program where they refine their leadership skills and plan one of the best dates on the school calendar – the Grade 6 Market!


Each week we take part in five Specialist classes: Music, Physical Education, Japanese, Visual Art & Science. Specialist teachers take these classes each week for 50min per session.

We are also a part of the Boroondara Interschool Sports league where we play summer and winter sports against local schools in our district.

Please feel free to visit us some time and have a look at the Grade 5/6 Learning Community. We are proud of our amazing students and what we have achieved. Plus we have just finished our ‘Reno Rebels’ Numeracy/ Inquiry project, where the students researched, budgeted and bought brand NEW classroom furniture for all four classrooms. It looks amazing!

Check out our Blog for up to date details on what we’re doing now!



Minasan Yokoso (みんなさんようこそ). Welcome everyone to Japanese at Hawthorn West.

Once a week, all classes from Foundation to Grade 56 are taught Japanese for fifty minutes in their classrooms. The aim of the Japanese environment is to immerse and engage students in the language and culture of Japan. Students are introduced to the hiragana and kanji writing scripts and develop their knowledge through interactive activities such as role plays, IPad apps and computer programs. Programs such as Languages Online and Quizlet are regularly utilised.

In 2014 we developed a sister school relationship with Kamariya Elementary School in Yokohama and the staff visited us that year in August. Last year two of their students completed an exchange with us where they participated in school activities such as our Athletics Carnival. We engage with Kamariya through Skype, Palaygo sessions such as pen pal writing and sending our work.

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Exciting, engaging and entertaining! The music program at Hawthorn West Primary School aims to inspire, giving students a kaleidoscope of opportunities to compose, create, explore and perform on a wide variety of instruments across multiple musical genres in a fun and friendly learning environment.

From Foundation to Grade 6 students learn how to sight read, perform individually and perform in small and large ensembles. Students are given opportunities to sing, play on keyboards, ukuleles, xylophones, glockenspiels, marimbas, percussion and produce multitrack recordings on Garageband.

Students begin their musical journey in Foundation singing through a variety of songs, adding actions and gaining valuable performance skills playing to an audience in assembly and in concerts. As the year progresses they perform using pitched and non-pitched percussion playing through short pieces on marimbas, xylophones and glockenspiels. They begin reading notes of the treble clef using the interactive whiteboard and through short musical games. Students develop basic keyboard skills playing through short one octave pieces using basic music diagrams and charts.

In Grades 1-2 students begin reading notes on the treble and bass clef identifying notes in the spaces and the lines using a collection of acronyms, pictures and mnemonics. They begin learning the piano with the left and right hands identifying the notes and finger numbers from sheet music. Students create short compositions on keyboards using pentatonic scales and raps, rhythms and rhymes. Students perform in assembly and work through a range of repertoire on the piano and keyboard as the year progresses.

Grade 3-4 start the year on piano learning home keys and reading music with treble and bass clef within the stave, above and below the leger lines. They begin composing short jingles using 3 note chords on the piano with the left hand and short melodies with the right hand. Additionally students create their own composition using music notation. As the year progresses they move onto ukulele learning short melodies, chords and popular songs individually, in groups and as a whole class. Students work on different strumming techniques, chord changes and create their own pieces using chord charts and lyrics.

Grade 5-6 students’ work on complex pieces using left and right hand on the piano, sight reading, adding finger numbers and letters above and below the stave. As the year progresses students work on compositions using Garageband working on drum beats, loops, chord progressions, guitar parts, bass lines and using the onscreen keyboards. Students are introduced to using music producing plugins, effects and mixing their compositions. Additionally students use iMovie to create short film clips to their compositions learning skills in video cutting, effects, adding text and sound effects. Towards the end of the year the students work on music arrangements in groups for their final performances for the year with a mix of keyboards, percussion and an assortment of instruments.

Students at Hawthorn West also benefit from our large co-curricular program with individual and group lessons offered on guitar and keyboard by ABC music (at cost) and singing lessons during school hours. They perform in a concert in the hall throughout the year.

School led lunchtime clubs Rock Band, Ukulele Group, Dance Groups, Junior and Senior choir perform regularly in assembly, school fairs and in concerts. Additionally the school participates in Victorian State School Spectacular performing a large concert with other schools at Hise.

With an expanding music program Hawthorn West Primary incorporates music into the curriculum to build confident individuals gaining valuable performance skills graduating as multi-instrumentalists.

To see what the students’ are up to each week feel free to check out the specialist blog provided on the right hand side.

View our 2016 Specialist Blog here

Visual Arts

The students are given many opportunities to be curious learners through the exploration of different media and development of their skills in manipulating it to achieve their creative expression.

Students gain confidence by experimenting with construction, paint, textiles, pencils and markers, mixed media etc.

Investigating and comparing artists as well as different styles of art are a regular part of the visual arts program. They also learn about the importance of the elements and principals of art in order to achieve their best. Students use these understandings as a spring board for their own ideas to create 2D and 3D art.

Many units of work in the art room make connections with other programs in the school including inquiry units, numeracy, welfare, science, sustainability, Japanese and literacy. Author/illustrator studies, naming shapes they are using, measuring, cultural investigations, mindfulness art, emotional literacy, using sustainable materials to create a sculpture, and mixing media to see what will happen are all examples of this.

Students work independently or collaboratively depending on the unit of work. Team and partner work gives the students a chance to develop their interpersonal skills, build connections in our community, and learn from each other.

Presentation of work is a skill in itself and the students are given opportunities to work on how best to display their work and give it the finishing touch.

View our 2016 Specialist Blog here

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