School Wide Positive Behaviour Support

School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) is an evidence based and data driven approach that focuses on improving social, emotional, behavioural and academic outcomes for students.

As well as being learners of Literacy and Numeracy, children are also learners of behaviour.

The SWPBS framework supports students to learn appropriate behaviour in the same way they learn other skills in school – through instruction, practice, feedback and encouragement.

SWPBS involves the implementation of eight Essential Features:

  • Establishing a common philosophy
  • Establishing leadership and school-wide support
  • Clearly defining a set of expected behaviours
  • Establishing procedures for teaching and practising expected behaviours
  • Implementing a continuum of procedures to encourage expected behaviours
  • Developing a continuum of procedures to discourage inappropriate behaviour
  • Procedures for record keeping, decision making and ongoing monitoring
  • Supporting staff to use effective classroom practices

Visible Wellbeing

All students at Hawthorn West Primary School are immersed in the Visible Wellbeing Program. The Program was designed by award winning and internationally acclaimed psychology researcher, Professor Lea Waters, AM, PhD, Visible Wellbeing™ (VWB) and combines the science of wellbeing with the science of learning to achieve the three key goals of:

  • helping students and staff to more clearly see their own and other’s wellbeing using VWB practices;
  • helping students and staff more systematically build wellbeing using the SEARCH framework;
  • facilitating learning through the visible wellbeing classroom process.

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